Is Eye Color the Key to Your Valentine’s Heart?

The eyes are the windows to your soul and possibly the key to your heart. Your eye color has as much to say about who you are and how you love as your personality. Do you love the person you love because they have blue eyes, brown eyes or green eyes? Is there more passion amongst people with blue eyes than brown? Do people with green eyes have a hard time finding their soul mate, their one true love?
There is a lot of myth and mystery surrounding eye color and love. Some people think brown-eyed women for example make better and more loving partners. Sounds crazy, but what if it is true? What if your eye color really made a difference in your love life?

There is no doubt about it. Some people prefer blue eyes to brown. Still others associate green eyes or unusual colors like violet eyes with mystery. This has more to do with personal preference however, than it does with an individual’s ability to attract a soul mate. If you are one to believe in tales of mystery, find out whether the color of your eyes may affect the quality of your love life!

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