The Real Cost of LASIK

What's the real cost of Lasik Eye Surgery?

The Value of iLasik at Advanced Laser Vision

Once you’ve decided that you need lasik eye surgery, you probably have one big question: how much will it cost? The truth is, among the top lasik surgery providers there’s seemingly not much difference in cost. But there are differences in value. Here are some important thoughts to consider:


No major Lasik surgery provider in the Houston area has more experience with the process than Advanced Laser Vision.


Advanced Laser Vision uses iLasik, considered to be the most advanced Lasik technology. In fact, Dr. Lipsky was one of the pioneers of this process.

Personal Attention

Every patient we serve is treated personally at Advanced Laser Vision. Some Lasik providers seem to think of you as a number, not a name.


Advanced Laser Vision provides financing options to help your budget.

No "Surprise" Costs

This is a big one: you may be tempted by low advertised or quoted costs, or by discounted offers. Your final “true” cost to usually ends up being substantially higher. Advanced Laser vision makes two promises:

  1. You’ll get a complete-cost quote before we begin surgery
  2. You’ll never get an added cost after surgery.

Personal Success Stories

How Advanced Laser Vision Changed Their Lives.


“I Have My Edge Back” 


“It Can’t Get Any Better” 


“Strong and Courageous” 

Advanced Laser Vision means we’ll spend the time so you can make the best decision.

What to Expect From Your Free Evaluation

  • Our Certified Optometric Technicians will perform a complete vision check of your eyes.
  • They’ll review your current eyeglass or vision prescription, then they’ll discuss what options are available to you and answer any questions.
  • We usually spend 45 minutes to an hour working with you. This evaluation is free.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK

The entire iLASIK procedure takes approximately 10 minutes per eye including preparing your eyes for treatment. The actual laser time is about 20 seconds to create the flap, and then anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute to reshape the cornea. The more refractive error you have the longer the laser time.

Most people are able to return to work the day after LASIK surgery, but many people who do extensive near tasks or computer work are asked to take an extra day off. If you work in a location that has a lot of dirt or debris, we recommend you take an extra day or two to recover.

During the actual LASIK procedure there is no pain because anesthetic drops are placed in the eye. A slight pressure sensation may be felt during the creation of the flap, but absolutely no pain is involved in the procedure. Many of our patients tell us that after the procedure is done and the anesthetic drops have worn off, it feels like a bad day with contact lenses as if your eyes are dry, scratchy or irritated. We advise our patients to use Ibuprofen or Extra Strength Tylenol, and to call us if the discomfort worsens after a few hours, as this is very unusual. Dr. Lipsky is available and on call 24 hours a day for our patients.

You can resume most normal activities such as driving, working, and mild exercise the day after surgery. We advise patients with high risk leisure activities to wait one week and wear eye protection (kickboxing, karate, basketball, swimming, or other contact sports). Women are advised not to wear eyeliner or mascara for one week post operatively. This is because unlike eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner need to be rubbed off. We also strongly advise our patients to wear protective eyewear when doing potentially hazardous activities.

Our outcomes are better than ever with over a 90% 20/20 or better rate. The day of surgery your vision will be blurry, however, the quality of vision will improve over the first 24 hours with most patients seeing 20/20 the day after surgery. It can continue to improve up to two weeks following your procedure.

Yes, iLASIK is one of the few eye surgeries where it is recommended to have both eyes treated at the same time. Our patients appear to heal faster and easier when both eyes are focused the same way. Most of our patients prefer to have both eyes treated at the same time as it also is easier on their busy lifestyles and causes them less downtime. An exception to this rule may be for patients with extreme prescriptions who have PRK. This procedure while as great as LASIK, tends to heal slower and many people chose to keep one eye working while one eye heals.

With the new technology of Intralase our patients have a safer procedure with less risk of mechanical problems caused by the Microkeratome Blade surgery. Our new Intra-LASIK procedure is all laser and is Blade Free. Complications with this surgery are rare, but as with any surgical procedure there are risks and benefits. Please contact our office to discuss your concerns. We provide a consent form and the VISX FDA booklet available for you to review so you may make an educated decision for surgery.

During LASIK surgery, the cornea is reshaped to correct vision problems. This reshaping is permanent. You may still experience the normal vision changes that come with age which results in the need for reading glasses. This is known as presbyopia and is the result of the eye’s lens losing its flexibility due to age. It’s not caused by the cornea which was corrected during LASIK.

We will give you numbing eye drops which will take away the urge to blink. Then an instrument called a lid spectrum is used to gently hold back your upper and lower eyelids.Between the numbness from the eye drops and the lid spectrum you will be in a good spot because we only need a few seconds.

The short answer is, NO. Most of our patients describe a slight pressure sensation during LASIK. You will also have numbing eye drops and and you may be given an oral relaxation medication beforehand. There are NO shots or injections.

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