We Are Open and Ready To Serve You… Safely

This global pandemic has not only impacted millions of lives worldwide, but it has also impacted our daily lives in our own communities – work environment, family life, churches, retailers, and much more.

We’ve followed the guidance of state officials and worked hard to ensure the very best practices have been implemented throughout our offices.

We’re welcoming our patients back for consultation and surgery now, with a few changes: 

❖ We’re asking our patients to maintain 6-foot social distancing protocols within all the offices.

❖ Patients are being asked to come into the office without a guest to minimize interactions and maximize sitting space.

❖ Office chairs and sitting areas will be readjusted to accommodate this order to the best of available office space.

❖ Patients will be given the option to wait in their vehicles and be called once they are ready to be seen by the technician or provider.

❖ Floor stickers will encourage and remind patients of the importance of social distancing.

❖ All Patients and their guests will be required to have their temperatures checked upon their arrival in the clinics.

❖ All Employees are required to have their temperatures checked upon the start of their shift.

❖ Due to the local county orders, wearing a mask or face covering may be required. Contingent on the county orders, patients will be required to wear a mask or face covering while within the clinics.

❖ In addition to our regular hand-washing practice, we’ve added sanitizing stations for our staff.

❖ We will regularly clean and sanitize seating areas, computer work areas, counters, light switches, chairs, and other touchpoints multiple times a day.

We’ll ask you some new questions which may require that your appointment be rescheduled depending on the answers:

❖ Have you tested positive previously for COVID-19? Or have you been in contact with anyone that has had tested positive for COVID-19?

❖ Are you experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms? Fever, shortness of breath, cough, body aches, etc.,?

❖ Have you been in contact with anyone that has traveled outside of the United States in the last 14 days?

You’ll notice a few changes in our lobby and waiting areas:

❖ Magazines and pamphlets have been removed

❖ Contingent on available space, chairs are separated to maximize social distancing

❖ Red spacing stickers have been placed to maximize social distancing

❖ Hand sanitizers are logistically placed in areas where patients can access the pumps

We are committed to the health and safety of all our patients. That remains our primary goal. Please let us know if you have any questions about our new policies and procedures. We’re happy to welcome you back!

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